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KOSAGARAM- A store for those who care for health.

The air, water, earth and food are all polluted is known to all of us. While most of the pollutants are not in our control, some can be controlled. Food we consume is one such.

Congratulations on procuring naturally grown vegetables today and wish that you procure every day. Congratulations that you are health conscious. Congratulations that you are part of Shri. Palekar's movement " Enrich Mother Earth - Grow a Healthy India".

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away” today remains far from truth. It is established that due to repeated spraying (17 times) of chemicals, today apple contains neurotoxin which would not keep doctor away but invite doctors. There can be no doubt that sprayed vegetables shall have bad effect on our health. More the usage of fertilizers and sprays, more is the fertility lost of the mother earth. The mother earth, which fed us from ages unknown, would soon become barren.

We had no choice than to consume synthetically grown vegetables, sprayed with pesticides and insecticides till yesterday. Thank the farmer we have choice to go natural today.

'KOSAGARAM' is a store run by an enthusiastic team. The products of Kosagaram are strictly grown by ancient farming methods using natural manure. The yield may be less but after all quality products are always scarce.

Advantage – Natural Produce

  1. The products of Kosagaram cook faster reduce the fuel consumption.
  2.  The products of 'Kosagaram' prevent all those aliments/Diseases which are associated with infested and vegetables grown from unhealthy farming (vegetables grown with bacteria infested Musi water).
  3. The products of Kosagaram being natural are easily digestible, improve appetite.
  4. The products of Kosagaram provide the natural taste which we lost long ago.

KOSAGARAM for those who care health.

KOSAGARAM for those who care for the health of Mother Earth. Enrich your health - enrich the Indian Health

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